Aitutaki, Cook Islands

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Aitutaki is one of the best travel destinations in the South Pacific. It is an island with close ties to New Zealand. It has wonderful beaches, lagoons, and some of the kindest locals in the South Pacific area. The largest of the Cook Islands is certainly Rarotonga but Aitutaki is by far the most beautiful of the islands. If you have the cash then the best option for your stay would be to rent an over the water bungalow and enjoy the beauty first hand.

One of the things you’ll notice is the absence of stress in Aitutaki. There are no night clubs or office buildings meaning there’s basically no noise. People don’t even need house keys. It’s an amazing destination to disconnect from all the stress and noise of your regular life and reconnect with yourself and nature. You can take a tour around the island via a scooter. Who knows? You might stumble across something no one has ever encountered before.

Need even more peace and quiet? You can simply windsurf to your own island. It’ll take you an hour of effort but once you’re there you can relax for the rest of the day, and maybe even life if you decide you’re never leaving. Don’t forget to pack some food so you can enjoy a snack or light meal on your island. Another fun activity would be scuba diving although it can be somewhat expensive in Aitutaki. You can enjoy the beautiful water and with clear waters you’ll see plenty of sharks as well.

It can’t really be considered a mountain since it’s only 124 meters high but below it everything else is flat meaning that at the top of Mount Maungapu you’ll have a stunning view of the entire island seeing fields of grass and bodies of water in colors you didn’t even think existed.

Every Thursday the Tamanu Beach Resort hosts a night of traditional dancing and singing which all include fire. Locals love to play with fire. There’s also a buffet of course. That is probably as loud as Aitutaki gets.

No trip to Aitutaki is complete without visiting the Aitutaki Lagoon. As you sail across the lagoon you’ll appreciate all the beauty you never get at home and it gets even better once you reach One Foot Island which is so beautiful you’ll consider staying at forever. Aitutaki is a beautiful and one of the lesser known tropical destinations. It’s a place to unwind and get away from all the noise, perhaps for good.